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The Red Box is the perfect destination where your search ends for buying a luxury car. We are the perfect competent partner to help you in finding your best dream car that will fit into your personality as well as budget. Our team of automobile sales experts will help you decide the right choice without any botheration in terms of time and money.

The Red Box also provides a comprehensive solution for buying second-hand cars with quality guarantee. In terms of offering best quality and price in the UAE, It is the perfect dealer in used cars which will satisfy you in the grounds of trust and promised services. It also offers best discounts and exchange rates in used cars for sale.

We also help in providing you complete confidence and trust in grounds of taking care of your car by providing best auto repair and car mechanics services for the efficient drive.

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Technology equipped workshop for auto repair service needs. Providing advanced mechanism solutions to make your car more efficient through auto mechanic.


Body Kit

Customise your vehicle look according to your style through exceptional body kits and car accessories in high rated quality.


Spare Parts

High rated quality auto parts and spare parts to power your vehicle. We offer Premium Mercedes Cars spare parts for luxury ride.


Buy cars

Buy trusted second hand cars verified through quality and multi-point checks. Offering you premier used car selection for car of your dream.


Sell cars

We are your trusted competent partner to help you buy car of your dream through expertise assistance from our auto experts.

Mercedes E300 Model 2016 Gray  28/08/2017
KIA Optima  Blue 29/05/2017
Huyndi Azera  Silver 29/04/2017
CHEVROLET Caprice LTZ 5/4/2017

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