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Redbox General Trading is dedicated towards serving all-in- one automobile needs to the consumers under one roof which is not limited to buying and selling of vehicles but also deals in Car spare parts, body kits, bear, maintenance etc. The spare parts and body kits are in high demand as it is an essential need for the vehicle owners. The car repairing and maintenance services are in boom and currently required in the automobile sector.

Redbox General Trading is providing a platform to the consumers where they can interact with automobile sales team who will help them in automobile assistance in terms of buying/selling vehicles, repair, spare parts, body kits etc. This platform inclusive of all automobile services saves lot of time and money of consumers which inturn provide them best quality solution in very lesser time. It solves all prevailing concerns of the consumers that can really make their car look different and fits into their expectations in terms of spare parts, buying and selling of cars, body kits etc.

The consumers seeking to sell used cars may find this platform worthy as it helps in providing them competitive worth pricing according to the conditions of the vehicle. The used car dealers may also get an advantage through the platform by getting quality & amp; trusted used cars. On the other hand, the used car buyers and people looking for second hand cars can definitely get best deals with the multi-point quality checks from experts which will deliver them a trusted used vehicle. The used car buyers are the ones who face lot of challenges but RedBox solves it very smoothly. In addition to this, RedBox Group also covers all inclusive services related to auto repairs as it consists of an expertise team of auto and car mechanics who are capable of delivering quality solutions and satisfaction to our clients. Another essentiality which RedBox Group offers is technology friendly service center; the state-of- the-art car service center of RedBox is equipped with latest auto repair machinery and equipments which repairs the cars in an efficient manner through ensuring best services delivered to the consumers.

In a lifecycle of a vehicle, there are many instances when the vehicle demands replacement and repair of spare parts due to various cases such as accidents, malfunctioning etc. In order to provide a reasonable and trusted solution,Red Box Group offers high quality and consistent trusted auto spare parts. In terms of repairing or replacement of car spare parts, it includes all kind of car spare parts regardless of the car manufacturer.

In contemporary context, there is a huge demand of modified vehicles but there are very less options available in front of the consumer. The modified body kits are in trends as lot of consumers demand sporty and luxury looks attached to their vehicles. For these kinds of consumers and modified vehicle enthusiasts,RedBox offers lot of services to them in terms of Body kits which is comprehensive of modified bumpers, stylish body paint, skirts and grills. The experts have all the essential knowledge of modifying the vehicle so as to suite the personality and demand of the client. The professional and quality body kits offered by Red Box Group are the only answer to such demand. The transformation of a basic vehicle to a stylish look is what people prefer which makes them stand apart from the others.

Redbox Group has already satisfied large number of consumers in terms of providing quality and promised services in time. The happiness and trust are the components which keeps the group growing day by day. The expertise of the automobile service and mechanics is making the group stand different from its competitors by providing competitive pricing and solutions to the clients. The market offers various promises but many have failed to deliver it to the clients, Red Box is the only trusted platform where you can get your dream delivered in promised time with the inherent quality and trust. The Red Box is definitelyredefining the ways which the car buying should be.

Shadi Ourfali - General Director

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Yousef Alawa - Workshop Manager

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Mohamad Sourani - Relationship Manager

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Abdullah Aziz - Workshop Supervisor

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Maysam Alras - Parts & Accessories

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