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Bear Star Walker Cargo

About Bear Star Walker Cargo

BEAR StarWalker Cargo is a universal lifting all-terrain truck, capable driving in places where the heavy machinery fails. lt is comfortable for long transportations and heavy loads. BEAR StarWalker Cargo is a model of 6x6 all-terrain truck with a diesel engine Euro 4 HYUNDAI D485-CB, volume of 2.5 l.. and capacity of 140 hp. It is an ideal choice for extreme applications. The model uses the drive rigidly connected to the third axle, and adjustment of a suspension ensures comfortable driving even on the bumpy road or where the road is entirely absent. Your cargo will be safe and sound.
Drivetrain - 6x6. This model was designed with consideration of requirements to special purpose and rescue machinery. Spacious cabin, space stipulated for equipment makes the model comfortable lorry for construction complicate facilities, atractorafire truck, ambulance ora rescue truck. The load capacity on land is 1500 kg and up to 1000 kg taking into account the possible crossing of the pond. Equipped with professional light optics Hella.

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